The art between form and color

Inspired by the human race

Prinzi has from always a natural curiosity for everything that surrounds him, and from always sensitive to issues related to environmental disasters. Prinzi trying to make something with heart and authenticity, assisted from experimentation and discovery. Prinzi born in Spain in 1971, following a versatile artistic training; from the graphic design university studies to advertising, from computer graphics to painting. Attracted by experimentation, from the materials, shape and color. Addicted overlapping layers of color and material to reach minimalist clarity.

Color field painting

The definition is due to the critic Clement Greenberg who used it for the first time in 1955. The color field is connected to Suprematism and partly to the current developed in the same years, abstract expressionism. The origins of color field painting can be traced back to the 1920s, to the Russian artist Kazimir Severinovič Malevič, exponent of suprematism; in his poetics, art had to be the “supremacy of form”, expressed through the purity of colors and elementary geometric shapes.